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Re: iso-scan question

Stephen R Marenka wrote:
> iso-scan currently uses 
>         for type in scsi ide; do
>                if [ -d /dev/$type ]; then
>                        find /dev/$type -type b
>                fi
> 	done
> to find available devices.
> What do ya'll think about changing that to the following.
> 	find /dev/discs -follow -type b
> If you really want cdroms, this would get it.
> 	for type in discs cdroms; do
> As far as I can tell, this gives you the same results, except I 
> don't have to mimic the /dev/ide or /dev/scsi directories for a
> 2.2.25 kernel. (Okay, at least I haven't needed to yet.)

That would probably be fine. I'd be just as happy to see iso-scan know
how to search out non-devfs device entries though.

see shy jo

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