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Bug#229719: kbd-chooser: Backup does not seem to work properly

Quoting Matt Kraai (kraai@ftbfs.org):

> > When "Go back" is chosen on the keyboard selection menu (with debconf
> > priority=high), this menu is just shown again instead of bringing back to
> > main-menu. This makes impossible to come back to main-menu.
> I'm not sure if the fix to the problem reported in the next
> paragraph will fix this as well or not.  Could you try again with
> a kbd-chooser package build from CVS?

I did. Your fix really fixes what it claims to fix, but no "Go Back"
from the keyboard selection menu.

More precisely, if debconf priority is high, then "Go back" from the
choose keymap screen brings you back to......the choose keymap

If debconf priority is medium, then "Go back" at the choose keymap
screen brings you back to.....the choose arch screen (and from there
"Go back" brings you back to the main menu).

The logic error is probably in the "case CHOOSE_ARCH: // First select
a keyboard arch." lines...

> > When priority is medium, Go back brings back the keyboard type selection
> > menu. Choosing "Go back" again from there brings the keyboard selection menu
> > again.
> I've fixed this in CVS.

Confirmed. "Go Back" properly works on the choose arch menu (which is
only shown at medium priority)

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