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Re: Install debian RS/6000 44P Model 170

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Leigh Brown wrote:
> Geert Uytterhoeven said:
> > My version of Open Firmware (from Firmworks) didn't like the yaboot loader
> > and kept rebooting with the message `rebooting with the correct settings
> > for this client program' (or something like that), until I disconnected
> > the disk and it couldn't find the boot loader anymore.
> Interesting.  Can you send the output of "printenv" to me, please?  Also,

If the device tree is sufficient, you can get it at

> can the longtrail boot from CD's?  Does it use the same disk format as
> RS/6000's to do so?

Should work, as long as you have a supported file system on it (e.g. ISO9660).

I never tried booting from CD, but I once did an `ls' on a CD, and it worked.
So far I only booted from floppies, SCSI disks, and IDE disks (all from a file
in a FAT partition).



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