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Bug#228839: Should re-ask the debconf-priority question at the end of base-config

Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> As I understood Christain the actual priority at the end of the install
> is propagated to base-config. If you encounterd an error at the end of
> the install, then this is lower than the priority you started your
> install with. 
> As it is very unlikely that if you had an error in d-i you will have to
> recover from this in base-config I suggested to not copy the actual
> priority value but to copy the value the user initially choose for the
> install. 

Hm, might work. But it's hard to know where this value might have came

  - cdebconf default
  - command-line override via "expert" boot or similar
  - some preloaded cdebconf database of some sort

I don't know how prebaseconfig can get at anything except the current
priority with any kind of accuracy.

> I just thought that it might be nice for people doing an expert install
> to raise the priority at the end of base-config. But I don't think this
> is important because experts should be able to change the priority
> themself.


see shy jo

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