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Re: grouping countrychooser list by region

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> I have committed some code to group the countries in the chountrychooser
> into regions. It adds a regionmap, which maps between country codes and
> regions, and a countrylist, which orders the list.

I will soon commit my updates to the regionmap list.

Very few countries remains unlocated, most of them because I have a
doubt on their location.

I have some objections to the way you sorted countries. The most
important is the "The Middle East" region. I highly prefer sorting
countries in continents by using some natural borders, or highly
historical ones.

"The Middle East" leads us in some strong difficulties : where does it
start and end.....Should Afghanistan be there or in a "Central Asia"
with vague borders.

This is why I only kept the following, which are still not exempt of

North America
Central America (includes Antilles)
South America
Europe (former USSR republics of Caucase put in there)
Oceania (rather than Australia)
Indian Ocean

Of course, one may argue that the number of countries is quite high in
some regions....but trying to go deeper will clearly lead us in some
very sensitive political problems. I already had problems with
Indonesia, Timor and Papua-New Guinea, between Asia (Indonesia is
"traditionnally" put in there) and Oceania.

I have used "borders" used by most sport federations for limiting
"continents". This is the only widely accepted criterion, as far as I
know (though it has some exceptions like Israel being part of
Europe...this for avoiding strongly dangerous confrontations)

Let's see if we find this usable.

PS : regionmap is not sorted anymore....I have to do this.

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