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Re: debian-installer beta 2 released

At Wed, 14 Jan 2004 22:40:22 -0500,
Joey Hess wrote:
> The debian-installer team is glad to announce the second beta release of
> the Debian sarge installer for the i386, powerpc, and ia64 architectures.

> This release fixes all of the posted errata in beta 1 of the Debian
> installer, and many other bugs besides. It still has rough edges and
> known bugs, but we anticipate that most users will find it a great
> improvement from past Debian installs. Please send us a report of how
> your installation goes, so we can strive to make it even better.

Could you add following things to errata for beta2?
Testers will often ask same.

- languagechooser shows '????' instead of Arabic glyph. (This will be
  resolved in beta3.)
- Some of non-latin glyph (such as Japanese) will disappear at first stage.
- After reboot, user who choices some non-latin language (such as
  Japanese) gets unreadable debconf messages.

Kenshi Muto

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