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Re: INSTALL REPORT with 2004-01-09 netinst, failed

Quoting Yann Dirson (ydirson@fr.alcove.com):

> - the items in the initial language menu all start with "choose this"
> or a translation of it, which makes it impossible to quickly jump to a
> particular language with one keystroke, as was possible in old
> installer

I've proposed a new prospective languagechooser package (#226575):

Screenshot at  http://www.perrier.eu.org/debian/debian-installer/new-languagechooser.png

It allows what you want as all choices are prefixed by the ISO
language code.

This package waits for a parallel countrychooser to be written.

> - in the list of country to select mirrors from (and possibly other
> lists), when using french as a language, the coutries are not sorted
> according to their translation, but appear to be sorted by their
> english name, which is quite awkward

Denis, do you have an idea about this one ?

> - in the step where one assigns fstype/mountpoints to partitions, when
> one selects a swap partition, and just validates current choice for
> fstype, the swap partiton is assigned a mountpoint matching the last
> mountpoint assigned (eg. "/", which then causes an error because of
> duplicate / being found)

Hmmmmm. Bug report needed, probably.

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