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Re: Translating choose-mirror is not trivial

Ognyan Kulev wrote:
I find it common practice by new translators (like me) that country codes in choose-mirror are not translated and just copied. (It's good to use en.po for reference while translating.) But that's not all. I didn't understand "US[ default..]" until Denis Barbier point me that this is the default value for the select. All this deserves a place in doc/translations.txt. Would someone commit some text in doc/translations about these things?

I would like to commit the following addition to doc/translations.txt, right after "How to translate". I know that there are comments in templates.pot that are expected to be read, but some PO editors don't show such things.

Special cases in translation

For translating languagechooser, please read debian-installer/tools/languagechooser/README.trans.
/* ... and remove this text from "Translation order" */

retriever/choose-mirror includes list of country codes. These country codes should be translated to country names. en.po can be used as reference.

There are two "special" messages in retriever/choose-mirror that look like "US[ Default value for http/ftp]". The country code in this case should be change to another country code that is considered closest mirror for the country in which this translation is expected to be used. Notice that the chosen country code must be one of the listed in the PO file. The text in brackets is ignored.

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