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Re: The Skolelinux d-i patches

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
>   This one is to make sure our sources.list.udeb.local isn't ignored
>   by our CVS.  Is using that file how I am supposed to add udeb
>   sources?

Hmm, maybe things are different for Skolelinux, but we don't want
sources.list.udeb.local to be added to d-i cvs, at the same time it's
normal for it to exist locally.

>   Our CD build script expect the image to have this name.  It is the
>   old name used by d-i, and I didn't want to spend the time modifying
>   our debian-cd patches.  I guess we should just keep it in our tree,
>   and not try to modify the official d-i source.  Eventually, we will
>   update debian-cd to use the new names, and drop this change. :)

I expect the names will all change after beta 2 anyway. Hope so anyway.

>   The brltty-udeb was dropped, but I wanted to be reminded that it
>   should go back in sometime.

IIRC the missing symbol is fixed now, right? What is the point of
putting brltty on the regular boot CD though?

>   Also, the autopartkit package want to use ext3 file systems, and I
>   had to add the modules manually at one time to make sure that they
>   were available.  Not sure if this is needed any more.

Not needed, the priority is fixed.

> I really like d-i. :)


see shy jo

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