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Re: Installation report

* Simon Porter <hailstorm@fairadsl.co.uk> [2004-01-05 11:07]:
> This was where I had problems. The first thing I noticed was that although
> lilo was installed my Windows partition was added to it automatically. It's

I think you wanted to say that it was _not_ added automatically.
There's a bug report about this already.

> My next problem was that neither my USB keyboard or mouse was working. At
> this point I got some help off Philip (pb_) in the #debian-boot IRC channel.
> One suggestion was to install hotplug. I did a standard apt-get install

This is known issue, see
You have to put some modules in /etc/modules.  Either usb-ohci or
usb-uhci depending on your USB controller, plus at least usbkbd
(perhaps others, I'm not sure, sorry).   Load usb-[ou]hci and usbkbd
(modprobe <foo>) and then plug the USB keyboard in and see if it

> Overall - I have found that installing Debian is a lot quicker than with
> Gentoo and once installed I have found apt package management to be a

Martin Michlmayr

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