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How much autodetection does the expert install do? (was Re: beta 2 update)

I was advised that to workaround my pet problem of my
CD-ROM's broken support for DMA that I was to use the
expert install. I was told that since the installer in
expert mode prompts me to pass parameters to a module
it is about to load, I can pass the appropriate
parameters to the module that handles the CD-ROM, and
turn off DMA for it. Trouble is, paranoid little me
thought "That looks like modconf from the Debian Woody
installer" and tried to get a clarification. It was
never quite made clear whether the installer chooses
the modules to load and prompts me for any parameters,
or whether the expert install was indeed using
modconf, so that I would have to choose the modules as
well as set the parameters.

So, does the expert install do autodetection or not?

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