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Re: install report : jan 03 vmware businesscard

Christian Perrier wrote:
> The screen is occasionnaly not cleaned up before the main menu pops up
> again : for instance, when running prebaseconfig, getting an error
> because of network problems while trying to fetch the Release
> file.....the "Retrieving" window remained behind the main menu when I
> came back to te main menu.

This is a symptom of a program forgetting to stop the progress bar when
erroring out. Please file a bug.

> "Configure keyboard" does nothing

This is because your keyboard is already configured by d-i.

> First screen of exim-config way too long. Users will probably hit
> Enter and then won't see the second part...:-(

I worked with its maintainer on fixing this around christmas, the fixed
version should be uploaded eventually.

see shy jo

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