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(kind of) Non-translatable template found in partconf


I'm right know giving d-i a try in a VMware virtual machine which I set
up inside my brother's real machine (my processor, AMD K6-II 500, seems
not to be supported by VMware so I have only today to test d-i using my
brother's machine until he got home and reclaim his machine again).
I'm testing everything in order to see if everything which needs to be
presented translated to the user is not being presented as so.

So far, apart from the problem already mentioned by Christian Perrier
(cfdisk not being displayed in any language besides the default
English), I have found that partconf's template file found at
tools/partconf/debian/partconf.templates is referencing the $FSCHOICES
variable in two places : one in partconf/existing-filesystem and other
in partconf/create-filesystem .

The problem is that $FSCHOICES, which seems to be mentioned only in
tools/partconf/partconf.c, can not be translated at all. Both
partconf/existing-filesystems and partcnf/create-filesystems simply
takes its value and put it into the Choices fields. Both Choices fields
(from both templates) are properly marked as translatable but the
problem is that $FSCHOICES cannot be translated (obviously), without
translators having a look at which are the filesystems options available
int the source code and hand-listing them into the templates. This would
clearly break the dynamic behaviour of partconf regarding supported

Does someone have a clue if it's really possible to allow the options
presented to the user (retrieved from the $FSCHOICES variable)
be translated without breaking the dynamic behaviour of partconf ?
I mean, when more filesystems get included/supported into partconf in
the future, translators would need to update all their translations
again if no dynamic approach (like the one which is being used
currently) is used.

Am I an idiot (most probably) as I can't find an easy solution to this
or is this a real problem ?

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