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Re: ports status update

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> Joey Hess wrote (with lots snipped out by me):
> > i386: On track for beta 2
> > powerpc: Very shakey
> > ia64: Likely to be in beta 2
> > mips: May be in beta 2
> > arm: Uncertian
>   The buildds are still down for ARM. And apparently it doesn't have 
> d-i kernels yet.  Ow.  Is this even likely to be released with sarge at 
> this rate?

I have seen some recent activity from Vincent Sanders, so I still have
some hope for beta 3.

> > mipsel: ?
> What is the status of these others, then?  I'm going to make wild, 
> uneducated guesses. :-)

What, like my guesses were not wild and uneducated? :-)

> m68k: ???
>   No signs of activity since October?  amiga and mac appear to be the 
> only variants which even have kernels built?  Is this even likely to get 
> released with sarge at this rate?

Obviosuly not. A port can only miss so many betas, before it ends up
missing the release..

> sparc: ???
>   One buildd apparently up, and only one.  But people are definitely 
> working on d-i for sparc, and the kernels look OK.

I assume that buildds will be coming back on line when James Troup and
others get back from holidays.

> alpha: ???
>   Used to be one of the better supported arches, but it doesn't look 
> like anyone's worked on it since October?

Unfortunatly the CD images are broken.

> hppa: Close to working.
>   Apparently Thorsten Sauter has this working, and it's "just" a matter 
> of getting the build process automated properly?

Seems so.

> s390: ???
>   Buildds are still down for s390.  At least the infamous busybox bug 
> #216528 has recently been fixed.  Ports of software to s390 seem to have 
> a curious habit of going from totally broken to totally working very 
> quickly (maybe because the machines are so fast that the testing cycle 
> is extra-fast?), so I'm not about to worry, though.


see shy jo

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