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Re: Installation Report (success)

Thank you for the detailed report.

Erich Waelde wrote:
> The bad news:
>   Using mantys netinst CD (2003-12-30) with "net" boot method
>   still fails on the already reported di-utils-devicefiles.
> The good news:
>   Using "expert", i.e. installing from CD rather than from apt
>   repository on the network works fine! So this
>   problem/dependency/whatever lurks on the mirrors rather than
>   the installer image?

It was a problem on the mirrors, which I masked by a hack to the CD
image, yes. In about 15 minutes it should be fixed on the mirrors too.

I am not clear on why you needed to use expert mode to get it to install
from CD. AFAIK that is the default for the netinst iso.

> Q: is ftp2.de.d.o a good choice for "bleeding edge"? Is there a
>   problem (apart from just taking some time) in the replication
>   across mirrors?

That is a push secondary mirror; it should take less than an hour to get
updates from the push primary mirrors, I'd expect.

>   + When booting "net", ide-cd failed with unresolved symbols
>     (see below). Is this supposed to work?

It's been tested very little.

>   + When booting "expert", ide-scsi failed to load with an error
>     message. Since I don't need it, I didn't bother. Is this a
>     (known) problem?

Yes, it's a known problem, we don't use ide-scsi but discover still uts
it in the list of modules.

> * configure network
>     On the CD image, there is still the version, where 
>     "Configure network using dhcp" and
>     "configure static network"
>     show up as two different items. I think, I have seen this
>     merged into one line with a selection screen on a CVS image,
>     so don't bother.

Hmm, that should not be the case with the current images. Just booted it
again in expert and I see only "Configure network". Moreover, the udebs
that provide the other menu items are not even on the CD image.

> * Choose a mirror
>     Strange sorting in the country list, Germany (de) comes
>     before Denmark (dk) :-)

Hm well, I think that is sorted at build time actually. That's worth a
bug report..

> --- Configuring the base system...
>   Is this still the right list here?

Yes please.

> * Configure the keyboard ... 
>   Nothing did happen, returned to screen quickly

That is normal, it noticed that d-i already configured the keyboard.

> * Turned out that adduser failed. Digging in /var/log/base-config.log:
>   /var/log/dpkg/info/passwd.config: line 283: 711 Segmentation fault \
>     adduser --disabled-password --gecos "$RET" "$USER" >/dev/null
>   chpasswd: line 1: unkown user xxxxx


> * Select packages to install
>     uups, installs read-edid and mdetect (and more?) behind my neck! :-)

It does that in case you decide to install X in aptitude. For X to
autoconfigure, they must be installed *before* X is installed, and this
is the only way to be sure. It will remove them afterwards if you did
not select X after all.

> * pcmcia-cs was installed despite the box not having any hw
>   needing it. Most probably known feature.

I decided to call it a feature, though this is debatable. :-)

> * Install selected packages
>    I was wondering, what this would do, after I had installed stuff using
>    aptitude already. Well, adds perl and libdb4.0. That's fine with me.
>    Without Debconf_priority=low or medium, I probably won't see this item
>    anyway.

The problem is that I really want people to only _select_ items with
aptitude, and then exit it, and let the installer install what was
selected there, and possibly in tasksel too. But the natural thing to
do, if you know aptitude is to hit gg and install. This is waiting for a
--select-only option for aptititude.

> * no install_report.template in /root 
>   I think this was mentioned also.

Will be fixed soon.

see shy jo

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