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Bug#224682: truncated elilo-installer menu entry

Package: cdebconf
Version: 0.50

The elilo installer main-menu entry is truncated when displayed.
The text appears as "Install elilo on a hard dis", when it should be
"Install elilo on a hard disk".

I downloaded the elilo-installer udeb, and verified that the text is correct.

dannf@jale:/tmp$ dpkg -e elilo-installer_0.0.2_ia64.udeb
dannf@jale:/tmp$ grep -r "Install elilo on a hard" DEBIAN/
DEBIAN/control:Description: Install elilo on a hard disk

I tried modifying the description string of languagechooser to be 28 characters
long to see if there's something magic about that string length, but that text
was displayed in full.

Petter noted on irc that he believed he'd seen this problem before:
<pere> I believe I've seen it with the bokml translation.

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