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d-i feedback


I installed Sarge, Nov-17 (unofficial) and noticed a few problems, though not any thing major. 

1. Their is no way to skip lilo installation, or to add the configs to another harddisk's boot config. I have 2 hard disk, one my production and second on which I was using for testing. BIOS is configured to boot from the first hdd, using grub. Idealy it should have added this config to my primary hdd, but atleast I should have an option to skip lilo installation so that later I can add to the grub in primary hdd. 

btw, why is grub not included in d-i?

2. d-i do not asks if I want to use a static ip or dhcp. It checks for dhcp first and then waits for options from where I select configure network manually.

3. When choosing CD installation, the /cdrom is not mounted automatically. The reason is that fstab has wrong entries. the entry in fstab for /cdrom is /dev/hdc, while it should have been /dev/sr0. Mounting /dev/sr0 from a second console and hitting enter in the first console prompt solves this problem.

Last but not the least, a big thanks from me to all d-i developers for all your hard  work :)


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