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d-i CVS has moved

I've moved d-i CVS to alioth. The project page is here:
http://alioth.debian.org/projects/d-i/, and includes links for anonymous
and developer CVS access. I have also updated the d-i README file with
this information.

I used the following command to convert my CVS checkouts to use the new

perl -i -pe 's!.*!:ext:joeyh\@cvs.alioth.debian.org:/cvsroot/d-i!' `find |grep CVS/Root`

I will be around all day to add people to the d-i project on alioth. I
understand that it's very easy and quick even for non-DDs to sign up for
a guest account there, so I hope all our translators and other
contributors who are not yet DD's can sign up. Email me your alioth user
id, and I'll turn on your commit bit. Also, if someone else would like
to co-admin the alioth project, get in touch with me. It would be good
if we could spread that job around.

We'll also need to update any urls that pointed to cvs.debian.org to
point to alioth'd cvsweb, and probably lots of other stuff. Unfortunatly
the web site is not building, but I have updated the links in webwml

see shy jo

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