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register-module command

I've added a register-module command to rootskel that works similarly to
apt-install. Anything that needs to ensure a module will be loaded on
the installed system, or that knows of special parameters a module needs
to have in /etc/modules.conf can call it at any time, and it will add
the registered modules to /etc/modules (and also update /etc/modules.conf
if necessary) after /target is installed.


  register-module module
  register-module module param=value ..

  If called twice for the same module, the most recent invocation wins.

I will get hw-detect using this, to solve the problems of modules not
being loaded to access IDE and SCSI cdroms on systems where the hard
disks use the other bus type. I think there are other applications too
-- possibly USB (I've seen some install reports about USB keyboards not
having the right modules loaded after reboot, though this might be a
discover issue, or we might need to apt-install hotplug), and probably
ethdetect and other things that can prompt for a module and/or module
parameters when autodetection fails should also use it.

see shy jo

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