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Re: Asking the priority question; was Re: Bug#221186: keymap problem fixed

On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 10:27:50PM +0000, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> The alternative to asking the question is fielding bug reports every
> time we make a default choice: e.g. setting up a default mirror in
> choose-mirror, using the CDROM debs if they are present, using DHCP
> (when present) rather than asking for an IP, etc. as users are not aware
> that they have alternatives.

This is not a default choice among others, this is about keyboard
setting.  When it is wrong, installation is very painful unless
you do not have to type anything.

> It is a balancing act; beginners do get confused by the keyboard
> question, not knowing which one they should choose. People do evaluate
> installers based on how many questions they get asked.
> I recommend we insert the question now; if we get bug reports in beta2
> reporting it as an issue, I will change the kbd-chooser priority.
> I'm sending this mail to debian-boot, and particularly to Joey Hess, as
> I do not want to change the menu question order without agreement.
> Does anyone object to such a change?

I certainly won't, this issue must be solved.  Thanks for taking care.


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