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Bug#221244: cfdisk fails with "Cannot open disk drive"

Package: partitioner
Version: beta1

I've just tried to use the beta1-100MB iso image on my IBM ThinkPad
600E. Installing as "de_DE", Hardware detection runs, DHCP configures
the network (yay, pcmcia ;) and then cfdisk fails with:

FATAL ERROR: Cannot open disk drive

A drive is installed and found as hda (dmesg output). I can run cfdisk
manually using /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc as parameter.

The ps output looks like partitioner does not start cfdisk with
parameters. It only lists it as "cfdisk false". 

I can not continue from there because cfdisk is started again and again
and returns with the fatal error.


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