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Re: debian-installer on ppc64

On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 11:22:27AM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> > 1. Installer requires devfs support. In 2.6 devfs is pretty much
> >    deprecated, so it would be nice if d-i could handle a non devfs kernel.
> >    It doesnt look like there are too many places that care. The initrd had
> >    an empty /dev, thats easily fixed. It looks like the stuff that parses
> >    /proc/partitions expects devfs style names but I havent looked into the
> >    code yet.
> Past discussion about these issues suggest that devfs is indeed needed,
> but will not be enabled by default if you don't pass the devfs=mount or
> something such command. My personal experience on this subject doesn't
> seem to support this theory, at least for 2.6 kernels.

??  devfs is marked deprecated in 2.6.  And the devfs names in
/proc/partitions thing is a 2.4 bug when devfs is enabled.
/proc/partitions shouldn't show device names at all, just unique
identifiers for devices.  That's what it has always done, except for
Linux 2.4 with devfs enabled.

> Same as above, d-i doesn't support subarches yet. That said, parted
> should be available, and normally you should be able to use partitioner
> and/or autopartkit transparently. What partitioning scheme are your box
> using ?
> > 4. shm is not a valid filesystem in 2.6. Changing /sbin/init to use
> >    tmpfs fixed this.
> Mmm, no idea about this one, maybe a special 2.6 kernel support for d-i
> would be nice to have, a bit like woody's boot-floppies supported 2.2
> and 2.4 kernels ?

shm is just an alias to tmpfs on 2.4 kernel.  You should always use the
tmpfs name.

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