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Bug#201191: partconf: mkfs should indicate progress

On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 11:03:53AM +0100, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> This depends on the size of the filesystem and if dma is enabled or not.
> enabling DMA speeds up filesystem creation a lot on big disks. With DMA
> disabled it can take several minutes to create a big filesystem.

It can, even with DMA. autopartkit uses at least a few minutes when creating
an ext2 filesystem on a 75GB disk (with DMA).

> I suggest a simple solution. I think the most important thing is that
> users don't see a blue screen for several seconds like it's now, but a
> progress bar. I would only step it forward after one filesystem is
> created, so we don't have to parse mkfs.* output. A setup with only one
> root partition and one swap would have two steps:
> 0% creating filesystem on /dev/...
> 50% creating swap on /dev/...
> 100% finished

It would definitely help compared to what we have today, but it would still

> I think one point of having partitioner is, that it does not use
> libparted for filesystem creation and is therefore more versatile and
> less prone to errors.

Why would running mkfs.ext2 be more versatile than using libparted? (Like I
said, I'd use mkfs.* for JFS etc., but ATM we don't even have that on our
install disks. :-) )

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