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Re: Second stage console problem

[Kenshi Muto]
> I tried debian-installer beta1 CD (net-install), and it worked on
> first stage. :-)

Sounds good.

> But I noticed second stage (after reboot) had a problem for
> non-Latin users (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other non-Latin
> people needs special console).

Hm, I suspected this.

> 1. On second stage, termwrap (in base-config) checks whether jfbterm
>    (jfbterm is multilingual console) was installed or not. jfbterm
>    wasn't installed because its udeb wasn't exist.

Second stage (base-config) do not use udebs.  It uses normal .deb

> 1. Ask jfbterm maintainer to provide udeb package. (I've already asked
>    maintainer Ukai, but not reported BTS yet)

No need for an udeb to solve the problem with base-config.

> 2. In first stage, if selected locale needs multilingual console,
>    prebaseconfig(?) installs jfbterm.udeb and bterm-unifont.udeb to /target.
>    If we allow to waste some disk space, it is easier to install always
>    these packages without checking locale.

I was planning to come up with a solution to this problem in
languagechooser, but haven't come around to it yet.

One solution need some way to know which choices need which terminals,
and to call apt-install with the given package as argument to get it

Another idea was to always run base-config in an UTF-8 terminal, and
always install an UTF-8 capable framebuffer terminal.  This way, we
use the same system for all languages, and it is less likely that the
lesser used configurations contain errors.

> 3. In second stage, try to install FB (FrameBuffer) driver if terminal
>    is console.

I suspect this is missing.

> 4. If terminal is console and FB is enable, run jfbterm such as
>    'jfbterm -c other,EUC-JP,iconv,UTF-8' (this means EUC-JP terminal
>    with UTF-8 conversion) from termwrap.

This is partly implemented in base-config.

> 5. If terminal is console and FB is disable, set LANG=C in termwrap.

This is implemented, I believe.

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