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Re: GOBACK in kbd-chooser

Am Fr, den 07.11.2003 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen um 10:52:
> > On user selecting GOBACK out of the module, exit 0, not 30.  Its not
> > an error and main-menu shouldn't lower the debconf priority.
> How do you expect this to work?  If the user chooses GOBACK, he expect
> to get to the previous question, not just continue like nothing
> happened.  Returning OK (0) will make main-menu just select the next
> entry in the menu, right?

Even worse, since the udeb will be left unconfigured it will select the
same entry again. Wit debconf priority=high, you won't have a chance to
break out, because the item will be selected automatically.

So with the current model, the priority must be lowered to prevent such
a deadlock.


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