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Re: bogl-bterm: font reloading

tor 2003-11-06 klockan 17.21 skrev Alastair McKinstry:
> >[Daniel Jacobowitz]
> >> Can you just restart bterm?  Yes, I realize that's got some issues
> >> since you're running inside of it.  But it's really not set up to
> >> re-parse the font.
> >
> >I would rather not restart debian-installer and main-menu, and it seem
> >to be a requirement to be able to restart bterm.
> >
> Why not? (I'd like to know what issues exist with restarting
> main-menu in particular). It appears from the bterm code
> that its going to be hard to get it to reparse the font without
> restarting the "client" program main-menu.

I don't understand either. From what I recall, most of the state that
main-menu uses is in debconf, so what's the problem?

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