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Bug#212443: cdebconf: scroll bar is correctly displayed

Package: cdebconf
Severity: normal
Followup-For: Bug #212443

[Jerry Quinn]
> As with 'linux' install, the net install only has e100.  However, it
> seems to get much futher more easily.  The display works ok for
> starters, although the # char scroll bar is not displayed correctly.

In fact it is, but this is not very intuitive (and it took me hours to
figure what was going on).  This sharp sign shows where the current
displayed lines fit in the whole list, so it does not always follow 
the highlighted line.
On a console, this sharp sign is on a gray background, but there is
no such background within bterm, which is IMO the root of the problem.
Maybe this bug should be reassigned to newt?


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