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Bug#219290: [d-i] No USB keyboard after reboot

package: kbd-chooser 
Severity: normal
Tags: d-i


When i tried the Debian installer, I used an usb keyboard. It worked
well in the debian-installer, but once I rebooted, I had no keyboard.

To fix this issue, I simply add the right modules to /etc/modules 
(I can't remind which modules it was, I made my tests last week). But
this solution is not very good, because during the boot process you
do not have any keyboard...:-( 
(My keyboard is active just a few second before the login prompt)

I belive it would be nice to include the requiered modules to the

I am not sure that this bug is well assigned, so feel free to reassigned
it to the right package. I have no real idea about who is relevant for
this issue.

Thanks in advance,
                                Pierre Machard
<pmachard@debian.org>                                 http://debian.org
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