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Re: Bosnian translation - remaining two d-i files

Quoting sapphire@linux.org.ba (sapphire@linux.org.ba):
> Alastair, here are base-config and silo-installer po files, btw, I just found 
> out, while reading through this list about: 
> http://people.debian.org/~barbier/d-i/l10n/bs and found in status.utf8.txt 
> file new untranslated and some fuzzy strings. So it seems that I still have 
> some work to do :)

Yes, unfortunately. There is still some work on templates. MOstly
because some features are not entirely frozen, but also for making
them more consistent all together. See my regular "polishing" bug
reports against d-i packages.

These BR trigger some changes to templates....and thus more work for
translators. I even try to follow myself by updating constantly french

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