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Bug#172519: debian installer USB key drive status

I've been doing some work on USB storage support in debian-installer,
and it should support booting from USB keys now, almost. The problem is
that I do not own any BIOS that can boot directly from my USB keychain.
However, I have made the standard d-i boot floppy automatically look for
USB devices, and it will load the rest of the installer from such a

All you need to do is drop a debian CD iso onto a partition on your USB
device, and include the hd-media-initrd.gz on there too, named
initrd.gz. If you then include the d-i vmlinuz file on there and put on
a bootloader set up to use the vmlinux and initrd, it should all just
work. The INSTALLATION-HOWTO has more details.

So some assembly required right now, it needs to be tested and polished
up by someone who can actually test booting from USB devices though.

see shy jo

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