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Bug#218775: segfault loading net_drivers floppy

Joey Hess wrote:
> anna segfaults while loading the net_drivers floppy. I think also the
> scsi_drivers floppy. I first saw this ~1 week ago, have not tracked it
> down. I'm running d-i in bochs, have not tried to reproduce on real
> hardware. The segfault happens after the retreiver has scanned the
> floppy and passed the package list off to anna, and before any
> indication is made that the udebs are being installed.

This turns out to be because the Packages file produced by the floppy
retriever was broken, because udpkg was broken. With that fixed it works
again. I'm leaving the bug open and downgrading it to minor because
there are probably better behavoirs on corrupted Packages than a

see shy jo

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