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Re: debian-installer for sparc

Blars Blarson <blarson@blars.org> writes:

> Since things seem to be calming down for me, and most of the bugs in
> my packages have been fixed, I'd like to start looking at what needs
> to be done to get debian-installer working on sparc.  Several months
> ago, I looked at a port status page but I can't seem to find that
> again.
> I've got a sparcstation LX that I can dedicate to the project, and
> have access to other sparc hardware that I may be able to test on.

Heres some pointers how to make it happen:

1. look at debian-installer/kernel/linux-kernel-di and add support for

2. look at debian-installer/build/pkg-lists and create or correct the
sparc flavours

3. config/arch and make/arch will need a look over for sparc specific

If you don't want to fiddle around in the source on your own you can
research how sparc boots. How do you make cdroms or floppies bootable?
Are any models special and need different boot methods? Whats needed
for netboot?

Sparc uses silo, right? Anything else?


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