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Re: FWD: Accepted debian-installer 20031029 (i386 source)

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> Well we have install images in the archive now:

OK. Fine.

So, for morons like myself, what should be used for testing the d-i ?
I want to test the very most recent stuff, that is a CVS image. I
basically need a CD image which can be booted from a VMWare virtual

Would "apt-get install debian-installer" be enough ?

Up to now, I have used the daily builds of sarge netinst image, but
this image is 10 days minimum older than a CVS snapshot, which does
not allow easy testing of translations or english templates

I have tried to use Goswin's build script from the "mrvn" branch. I
have grabbed this branch and then copied the build directory into a
main d-i CVS snapshot. This seems to work but the build is of course
quite long....

A few hints would help : I'm kinda lost.. :-)

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