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Bug#213900: pcmcia-udeb: Provide on ethernet-card-detection prevents ethdetect from being selected

Sebastian Ley wrote:
> pcmcia-udeb and ethdetect both provide ethernet-card-detection. Since
> main-menu will skip packages who provide something that is already
> provided by an installed package ethdetect will never be selected (be
> default).
> On non pcmcia system it will result in netcfg-dhcp complaining that
> there are no network devices.
> I imagine the following solutions:
> - Remove ethernet-card-detection Provides
> - Detect in an isinstallable script, if pcmcia is supported

The isinstallable idea may work, but I am leaning toward moving pcmcia
off the menu, and just let hw-detect or ethdetect detect and enable
pcmcia as part of regular hardware detection. That would neatly avoid
the problem (and why should pcmcia be different than any other
hardware..?) but will need some work in hw-detect to clean up its pcmcia

see shy jo

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