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Re: Bug#211092: question_db_delete

stappers@stappers.nl (Geert Stappers) writes:

> On Sun, Oct 05, 2003 at 07:15:35PM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
> > Trying to build d-i tonight, I get a failure in mklibs:
> > No library provides non-weak question_db_delete
> Congratulations ;-) you have been hit by #211092
> > 
> > Yet, libdebconf.so matches in a grep search.
> Try the 's/raise/print/' workaround

I had a similar problem here after an cvs up.

But it actually wasn't a mklibs bug. The above error is, and that
seems to be the more common case, also cause simply by unresolvable

Try to rebuild all udebs from cvs. If the error then disapears you
have hit a missing versioned (Build-)Depends.

Otherwise I would need more info and all cvs versions of your files.


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