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libdebian-installer4 testrun results


I recompiled the complete d-i cvs from scratch and build

make cd_image TYPE=cdrom
make cd_image TYPE=netboot

The netboot TYPE needs to define FLOPPY_SIZE from cd_image to work.
Both types build fine otherwise and created bootable 5Mb iso images.


boots up, presents the language chooser, fails to find a proper cdrom

If noone objects I will look into adding targets for cd_net_image,
cd_udebs_image and cd_base_image that contain just the udebs for net
install, all udebs and everything needed to install base respectively.


boots up, presents the language chooser, fails to find my PCnet32
(vmware) card and presents a list of module

The list of modules is rather small for a netboot. The build script
has to be changed to fill up the boot image with as many modules as
fit. Given the different sizes of each arch and TYPE having prebuild
udebs with sets of modules seems to inflexible.

The list of installable modules should probably not include modules
that will be autodetected (by default) and it should be possible to
load modules from a floppy (chosing "other" just asks for a path).

Executing a shell allways wants to configure my kernel-modules/network
card, which fails. Its not possible to get a shell.

- So far libdebian-installer4 seems to work.
- main-menu needs a Reboot/Quit item so one can give up.
- The Execute a shell item needs to be checked.
- I'm tired and will try to build and testing full cdimages on Wednesday.


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