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First HPPA test

Hi all,

Yesterday, I have tried to install a fresh Debian system on my hppa
712/60 using the new debian-installer. Attached are my notes about this
process. In short: most of the stuff is working, and you can using d-i
on hppa. (debconf priority high)

1. kbd-chooser is in the mainmenu between (!) dhcp and static network
2. kbd-chooser segfaults everytime (manually edited the status file)
   imho. if something does wrong tree time, it should never displayed to
   the user.
3. anna display cdrom-checker/cdrom-detect/network-ppp during a network
   installation. Hmmm.
4. anna, only display udebs with a menuitem. So I can't install any
   fdisk program (this makes partitioner unusable)
5. the hardware detection always told me, I need more modules
   (floppy, ide, isofs, ...) But everything is alread in the kernel
6. palo-installer doesn't make the disc-bootable.

Hardware: PA-RISC/HPPA 712/60, 32MB RAM, 60MHz :)

Notes: I have created an new lif image (which contains both 32 and 64
bit kernels). Boot method was netboot (dhcp/tftp).


Thorsten Sauter

				(Is there life after /sbin/halt -p?)

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