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Re: Proposed build system

Sebastian Ley <ley@debian.org> writes:

> Hello,
> on the way to a build system that enables us to use the current buildd
> infrastructure for d-i images, I checked in a preliminary proposal into
> cvs.

Last we talked at the D-I debcamp in Oldenburg I offered to do this. I
was just waiting for the libdebian-installer transition to get

> I placed it under build/debian_proposed because it discards most of the
> old build system. It is quite simple: 
> - Stick with the idea of having a source package that builds the images.

That makes it hard for people to download floppy images or iso images
and burn them. That might be ok to get debian developers to test the
images but we will have to extract them later on for general use.

I was going to put the images in the changes file with full path and
fix the upload scripts to put the files there.

> - Place the images into .debs to not interfere with the current archive
> layout and allow for easy integration with the current buildd system
> - Make a package for every TYPE we support. If a TYPE is not working on
> a specific arch, do not include that arch in the Architecture line.
> Please try it out and give some comments. Bear in mind that it is
> probably far from finished. I want some feedback on the idea before I go
> into details.


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