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cdebconf set seen stuff

I've looked around a bit since my last post on this issue, and I've found out
how it's implemented: cdebconf heeds "fset seen" if and only if
"debconf/showold" is set to "false", _or_ the environment variable
DEBCONF_SHOWOLD exists and is set to "false". (Or both, of course.)

Does anybody know why cdebconf defaults to showing old questions? I propose
inverting the default, making cdebconf heed "fset seen" unless either of
those variables is set to "true" (which makes a lot more sense to me). Making
dpkg-reconfigure.c set DEBCONF_SHOWOLD to "false" before running the
appropriate scripts (and unsetting it afterwards) would be trivial.

I've tested this in practice, and at least it works well for me -- however,
I'd guess we want cdebconf to behave reasonable in all situations, so I won't
commit it to CVS until I've heard what others have to say on the subject :-)

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