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freezing python packages until python-2.3 becomes the default in testing

[ This mail is sent to all package maintainers, whose packages depend
  on python, python2.1, python2.2 or python2.3 ]

You are maintaining the following packages: mklibs

To help python2.3 to enter the testing (sarge) release as the default
python version, we need a whole bunch of packages to enter the testing
release at the same time.

To minimize the number of packages with the "Too young" states, please
consider the following packages be frozen (no new uploads to unstable):

  - packages, whose source have a dependency on a binary package built
    from the python2.3 or python2.3 source, which is not yet in the
    testing release.

  - the pythonX.Y packages itself.

  - generally: all packages you see in update-excuses, which have
    a dependency on the python2.3 source. See

Exceptions are:

  - Uploads, which fix release critical bugs

  - Uploads of packages, which are needed for other transitions
    from unstable to testing.

  - Uploads of python related packages, which do not touch the
    python transition (i.e. packages depending on python2.1 or
    python2.2 only, like the zope packages).
    Those uploads must not introduce on the python2.3 source
    currently only in unstable.

  - Uploads of source packages, which are not yet part of testing.

Please set the priority of those uploads to at least 'medium'.

This mini-freeze ends, when python is the default python version
in testing or it's decided that python2.3 will not be the default
python version for sarge. 

Use debian-python@lists.debian.org and debian-release@lists.debian.org
for further questions and updates on the state of the transition.
The archives for these mailing lists can be found at

Good luck for the python transition


PS: This is no formal freeze, but one step in the direction of
    python2.3 in sarge.

PPS: The current proposal for the Debian Python Policy can be found
     in the python package in the doc directory.

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