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Re: russian keyboard in d-i

> On Fri, 2003-10-03 at 12:02, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:
> > Hello.
> >
> > I donwloaded netinst image (oct 2 one) and booted vmware from it.
> > Then I selected russian language and russian kerboard.
> > After that, I was not able to type any letters in any prompts.
> > Cursor movement and tab kays worked, and keyboard on Alt+F2 worked -
> > only letters in installer (newt frontend AFAIK) was affected.
> Hi,
> I believe there might be a bug in newt, instead. Can you confirm that
> letters in another terminal worked (ie the Russian keymap). I think
> that this is a bug in handling cyrillic / non latin1 characters in the
> newt input.

I could type latin characters on Alt+F2 terminal, and I could switch 
keyboard to russian mode and type characters. Of course they were not 
displayed correctly because font was not loaded.

Bit I could not type ANY characters (even latin) in newt-based 
installation program.

Just tried the same with whiptail --inputbox.
If it runs under russian locale, both latin and russian characters may be 
input. But it I set LANG=C, I get something similar to what was in d-i: 
no characters are displayed while typing. To be more special: it I start 
typing in latin more, characxters are displayed. But if I switch keyboard 
to russian, no more characters are displayed, evenafter keyboard is 
switched back. However, as whiptail stdout shows, in fact chars ARE being 
So it is not kbd-chooser, but newt/slang visual problem?..  Then bug 
should be reassigned...

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