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Bug#213834: depends on libc-udeb

Package: anna
Severity: normal
Tags: d-i

anna depends on libc-udeb. I don't understand why. If anna is on the
initrd, then it gets all necessary symbols thanks to library reduction.
If it is not on the initrd, then it's going to be hard to load libc-udeb
at all anyway, and the creator of the images hopefully knows what he was
doing to set up such a weird circumstance. 

In the meantime, just building d-i downloads all of libc-udeb, only to
throw it away, which makes it very painful on dialup.

Petter added the dependency to debian/control in cvs rev 1.25, with the
comment, "Replace ${shlibs:Depends} in depends to explicit list;
libc-udeb, cdebconf-udeb.".

see shy jo

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