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Re: E: Unimplemented function

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 09:03:04PM +0200, Thorsten Sauter wrote:
> I have talked with Petter about this on IRC. Please give me your
> comments about the following proposel:
> I think it would be a good idea, if we create a new file under doc/
> (maybe errors.txt or such), which documents some very known and critical
> errors, like the "E: not implemented" bug. I know, we have the BTS for
> such bug tracking, but it's very hard to browse all packages which are
> related to d-i to find a udeb which may produce this error. d-i stops
> working in a so early stage, that it's very difficult to find out the
> package which produce this error.
> For the people which are very involved in the
> main-menu/rootskel/cdebconf development process this would maybe easy
> but for other users this is very hard.
> If we have such a simple file, which contains the following lines, ports
> and testers can easy work around those errors to continue porting or
> testing d-i.
> I guess the file should contain the following lines for each problem:
> Description:  E: not implemented
> Package:	  cdebconf,main-menu
> BTS-Bug:      #00000
> Solution (if known): (don't know)
> Mostly it's only a "just build package xxx from cvs" to fix the problem.
> What do you think about this?

I'd prefer an improved interface to the BTS, but I'll defer to
your solution until I produce something.


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