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Re: reverting PowerPC kernel to 2.4.21

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 07:31:02PM +0200, Thorsten Sauter wrote:
> * Matt Kraai <kraai@alumni.cmu.edu> [2003-10-01 11:38]:
> | The PowerPC images do not build because they try to use 2.4.22,
> | which has not been uploaded yet.  Unless there is an objection, I
> | am going to revert it to 2.4.21 until such an kernel image is
> | uploaded.
> damn yeah. I'm waiting for Sven to upload the kernel packages. He said
> in Oldenburg, he will do this on Sunday morning.

And i did it, but ...

> I'm not sure, if they are not yet uploaded, or simply waiting for
> ftpmaster. I have installed the 2.4.22 kernels in localudebs/ on
> bruckner, so the daily-images can theoreticly builded.

... They are still in the NEW queue :

luther@auric:/debian/queue/new$ ls kernel-patch-2.4.22-powerpc*

I find this utterly stupid of the new checking to have to wait alsways
if there is a new version of a library or a kernel. Especially for the
kernel, you have to wait two times, one for the kernel-source tree to
enter the archive, and a second for the real package.

BTW, did you check if the last libparted i gave to you also broke binary
compatibility, i don't think so, but i need to look at it if not.


Sven Luther

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