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Re: Milo

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 12:59:33PM -0400, Greg Folkert wrote:
> Okay, in Joey's summary of Oldenberg he hints @ Milo Source being
> unavailable. 
> I have versions 0.13 thru 0.27 (dated between Jan 1995 and Aug 1996)

Mmm, unable to convert that to url.

> Is this the stuff that is needed? or are we talking about the stuff that
> used to be available @ genie.ucd.ie ? (University College, Dublin,
> Ireland)

http://genie.ucd.ie/ is valid URL, but that is al.

> I need more info to start looking/helping/doing...

Take an other approach:

- Make the milo source that you have available at a public place.
- announce the url
- ask "where you looking for this?"

Geert Stappers

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