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Re: Canada French Keyboard and Language settings from the Install

>Could someone tell me if the regular
>querty french canadian keyboard (alias IBM typewriter and CF
>windows settings with 863 code page) is accessible and
>competently installed from the upcoming new Sarge Installer.

As the maintainer of console-data and kbd-chooser in Sarge,
I should answer, I suppose.

If you select "French Canadian" in the new installer, you get
the "cf" keymap, the same one you get when you type
"loadkeys cf" (ditto on Redhat and Mandrake, I believe).

>Years ago I tried debian 1.1 and more recently tried Slackware 9.0
>and did not find all my keys at the right place and the accents
>were awfull, although american kbd went ok.

Can you please try "loadkeys cf"?

If it is wrong, I would certainly like to know whats wrong about it.

Alastair McKinstry

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