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Canada French Keyboard and Language settings from the Install


Could someone tell me if the regular
querty french canadian keyboard (alias IBM typewriter and CF
windows settings with 863 code page) is accessible and
competently installed from the upcoming new Sarge Installer.

Years ago I tried debian 1.1 and more recently tried Slackware 9.0
and did not find all my keys at the right place and the accents
were awfull, although american kbd went ok.

I want to install Linux for some kids here, as the school is
using it, but imperatively need FRENCH CANADA keybd and
language setting, not the Acnor one but the plain old keyboard every
one uses here which doswin took too.

Any hints are welcome.

I know that edulinux.org of Sherbrooke University has it, but I
wondered about the upcomming new Debian.

Also any ideas as to why there is the same name for edulinux based on RPM from
mandrake and .deb ?  Is there any inconveniences. I did not
checked if it was a brand.

Please reply also on the email address.


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