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Re: new installer

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 10:37, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Eric Côté]
> > that OldWorld PPC sub-arch will not be supported directly in the new
> > installer.
> OK.  I leave that decision to you.  Thanks for letting us know, so we
> can avoid worrying about that architecture.  If you change your mind,
> please send patches or get involved to fix the remaining problems
> yourself.
OldWorld PPC isn't an architechture. Its a segment of PPC.  The only issues we have
between oldworld ppc and newworld is the way they boot.  Newworld ppc
has cd boot support whereas oldworld doesn't.  I wrote about this in one
of my other emails.
> I suspect this was not intentional, but your email gave me the
> impression that you actually believe the debian-installer developers
> are owning you a favour, and that it is our responsibility to add
> support for this architecture into debian-installer. 
I have begun to work on getting oldworld to boot. Basically the idea is
to take two floppies, one with the kernel and the other with the initrd
if we can fit and have the kernel be the one kickstarting the cd.  in
the following way the command line should like this.

boot: <kernel> initrd=/dev/fd0 root=/dev/<cdrom>
> Giving such
> impression is not a good way to start communicating with and
> motivating volunteers to help you in fixing your problems.  But based
> on my first impression, I will just ignore your future ranting until
> you find time to contribute significantly to the debian-installer
> development yourself.  The only way to change this is to change your
> behaviour so you make a good impression, and continue to do until I
> believe it.  Happy hacking
I agree with you on this.  I think that was like a demand.
Dan Weber
D-I 2.6 Project
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