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cdebconf/slang user interface

I tried out the slang interface on powerpc. It's quite attractive,
but one thing bugged me.

When a question dialog is displayed, there is a title for the
dialog, then the question in a different color centered on the
next line, then a longer description of the issue in black, 
then a blank line, and finally the options: Go Back, Yes, No.

When studying this dialog box, I would read the description
of the issue and then try to decide which button to push. 
But in many cases the description of the issue doesn't really
ask the question; it's just background information. Since 
the question is centered and squeezed between the title and
the description, it gets kind of hard to find. So I became
a little confused trying to choose a button based on the
description, when actually the button response is based on
the _question_ up at the top.

If you follow what I mean, then my proposed fix might make
sense. Wouldn't it be preferable to place the question below
the description, so the answer buttons (Yes, No, Maybe) 
appear directly below the question?

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Chris Tillman (a people instance)
   toff one at cox dot net

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