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how to build working floppies (and some images)

Anyone who wants some working (or at least, booting) floppy images for


These are not autobuilt. The regularly built floppy images will begin to
work once:

 - The patch in #212986 is applied to busybox-cvs, and it gets out of NEW.
 - rootskel-bootfloppy gets out of NEW.
 - loop.o is added to the floppy-modules udeb or built into the kernel
   (I've asked Herbert Xu to do this)

The floppy images will support boot from "real" floppy drives only, not
USB. USB support will be added to the same boot floppy once Herbert Xu
fixes a little problem in the kernel[1]. That will also give us support for
using the same boot floppy to boot USB storage devices such as

The two floppy set of bootfloppy and floppy should be enough to do
network installs with common NICs. To access a CD you need a third
floppy, cd_drivers. To access a SCSI CD, you need a fourth floppy as
well, scsi_drivers.

Pcmcia network installs will require another floppy, not yet put
together, or possibly some more hacking on the first floppy. I may get
around to this tomorrow.

Thanks to Fabian Franz for his help with this.

see shy jo

[1] If I could find a USB storage device that could boot on hardware I
    have access to, I would also add support for direct boots from USB
    storage. No luck so far.

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